A little late in posting this, but worth it. Very strong words spoken and 1000+ marching strong…

Today is another “Day of Action” for Occupy Wall Street protests which are experimenting with a new phase: the occupation of suburban homes and prevention of the repossession of foreclosed upon properties by banks.


A protester handed President Barack Obama a note while shaking hands along a rope line in New Hampshire today.  AP photographer Charlie Dharapak smartly zoomed in so you can read the note for yourself. 

Occupy St. Louis occupies Municipal Courts building after being evicted from Kiener Plaza.

Join us; https://www.facebook.com/pages/99-of-St-Louis/280802938608581 

In the early morning of November 12th, over two dozen Occupy St. Louis members were arrested at Freedom Square (Kiener Plaza) for curfew violations, as directed by mayor Francis Slay.

The occupiers have vowed to come back.

Happy Bank Transfer Day from St. Louis!!

A protester who did two tours in Iraq is in critical condition with fractured skull and brain injury after a cop shot him in the head with a “non-lethal” weapon. A crowd of protesters were deliberately hit with a flashbang while rendering first aid to an injured protester. Occupy St. Louis, in solidarity with Occupy Oakland, held a vigil for this protester, Scott Olsen. 

Occupy St. Louis will be marching to downtown Bank of America from Kiener Plaza at 3PM.

Join us. Bring signs. Bring drums. Let’s make us seen and heard.

We will not be trampled upon by these corrupt financial institutions anymore!

when is the best time to come and join in on the protest?

Anytime you can is great. 

We at 99% of St. Louis have noticed that Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays are the most populated at the plaza and we recommend bringing friends & family on those days.

Today (Wednesday) there will be a big rally starting at 5:30pm because of the baseball World Series, so come down tonight and tomorrow too! 

Let’s all be careful down there tonight. Lots of people will converge on the plaza. Some will be friendly, others not so much. Lots of smiles and waving.

But make sure to hold LOTS OF SIGNS TODAY. Lots of cameras are around. Let’s be seen!